Simulated Centralized Train Control
The term Centralized Train Control, or CTC, is used differently in different countries. Here we simply mean the concept of controlling rail lines and stations from a central point as opposed to having indivudual stations, junctions etc. controlled locally by a signalman.

RailSoft's S-CTC concept is developed in close contact with the Danish Railway Authority (»Banestyrelsen«),  the National Danish Railways (DSB), and some of Denmark's private railways.

RailSoft is not supplying the actual CTC-equipment, but simulating existing or even future setups for the induvidual infrasructures.

FC Skagen 1996

In effect, the simulation FC Skagen was RailSoft's first S-CTC-project, even though we didn't name it at the time.

The private line from Frederikshavn to Skagen on the North tip of Jutland had been equipped with a new CTC, and RailSoft was asked to develop a simulation for the training of the CTC-staff.


FC Dianalund 1997 & 2001

FC Dianalund simulates the private line between Slagelse and Tollose on the Western part of Zealand.

The equipment for this line is virtually identical with the Skagen-line, allthough the line has more stations and a more intense traffic-pattern.

In 2001 RailSoft is expected to deliver the second version of this S-CTC-project - this time the simulation will cover the original line, (the HTJ) and its »sister-line« (OHJ)  between Holbaek and Nykobing.

RFC S-CTC 2002

The RFC-simulation project for the Danish Railway Authority is far the most ambitious S-CTC-project to date.

The simulation will cover most of the mail lines in Denmark simulating the regional CTC-centres (RFCs) in Copenhagen, Roskilde and Fredericia.

The project features networking facillities, and the abillity for an instructor to be on-line with a student or building off-line scenarios for the student to solve.