TFC Holbaek

At TFC Holbaek the controller can choose 
to operate one or both the lines, 
with two controllers on duty at peak hours, 
while only one in periodes with less intensive traffic. 


The TFC Holbaek (TFC Hk) covers the two private railways Hoeng-Toelloese Jernbane (HTJ) and Odherreds Jernbane (OHJ).

In Danish TFC is short for Trafikcentral, and the 'Trafikcentral' in Holbaek controls the two lines using screen-based equipment.

RailSoft's S-CTC-version of TFC Hk will acurately simulate all operational procedures, including the vast amount of level crossings on the two lines.

At times trains from HTJ/OHJ uses lines controlled by the Rail Authority's RFC Roskilde (included in the RFC S-CTC), and this operational aspect is also covered in the simulation.

The image to the right shows a preliminary sample of the simplified driver's view in the TFC Holbaek S-CTC.

Click on the image for a full scale view.

The image shows the HTJ as seen on the controller's monitor. The line runs from Slagelse (top left) to Holbaek (bottom right).

Click on the image for a full scale view.